Thursday, January 10, 2013

Images of Rhode Island's Economic Management

Yesterday I gave a presentation to SBANE in Warwick. Following the presentation I was asked to make two of the images I used available to other persons, which is the purpose of this post. While these images are satirical, unfortunately for Rhode Island, they embody more than a modicum of truth in characterizing Rhode Island's approach to economic matters. Click on these to enlarge them.

#1: The "State of the Art" for Long-Term Planning in Rhode Island

#2: Rhode Island's Culture of Redundancy permeates all levels of government. This has generated huge fixed costs for RI government to manage. Ultimately the result has been for fix costs to play far too large a role in decision making here (partial explanation for image #1 above)

Sad but true!

These highlight important contributors to what I have referred to for years now as Rhode Island's ENDOGENOUS MEDIOCRITY. Here's the link to a ProJo article I wrote about this back in 2009.

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